Growler is a chestnut-colored Gypsy Vanner and is the newest guy in the herd. He’s still too young to ride and needs a lot of groundwork to get him ready for the saddle. He’s going to be BIG!

BORN 2022


Latte is a Gypsy Vanner and can can be ridden both in dressage and western saddles. Latte recently won high score in her first dressage competition and the judge noted that she was a “pleasure to watch.”.

BORN 2018


Shahan is a Gypsy Vanner with advanced training in dressage and western disciplines. Shahan is the ultimate gentleman and has a lope that feels like a rocking horse.

BORN 2009


Oka is a gorgeous all black Freisian. She was born in the Netherlands (her show name is Eaujke) and she is the newest member of the H4H equine team.

BORN 2001

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